Experience the horsepower, talent, and skills of the Wild West Combining horses, cowboys, cowgirls, and guns for fast paced action  that is fun for the whole family. Double L Bar Shooters holds premier events  around North Carolina attracting spectators and competitors from all around the country.
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Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Expanding the horizons of mounted shooting for
competitors, spectators, and community

Cowboy mounted shooting is the fastest growing equine sport in the nation with over 14,000 members.  Competitions are held in nearly every state and range from local levels to several national competitions held each year.  This high action event creates great excitement to competitors and spectators. 
 In Cowboy Mounted Shooting contestants compete in a fast action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared black powder ammunition.   Courses of fire are set in a variety of patterns with 10 balloon targets. The course requires the horse and rider to stop, turn, change leads, and accelerate rapidly while shooting at the targets.  Scoring is based on elapsed time plus penalties for each target missed or barrel knocked over.  An average course of fire normally takes a contestant between 10-30 seconds to complete.  The sport combines skills as a horseman and marksman pitting both against the clock.  This is a very exciting sport to participate in and to watch.



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