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Double L Bar Shooters of North Carolina
Invites you to become part of the fastest growing equine sport in the USA. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is fun for the whole family. 
A great sport to participate in and exciting to watch.





Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Raw Horsepower - Hard Ridin’ - Straight Shootin’


Cowboy mounted shooting is the fastest growing equine sport in the nation with over 14,000 members.  Competitions are held in nearly every state and range from local levels to several national competitions held each year.  This high action event creates great excitement to competitors and spectators. 
 In Cowboy Mounted Shooting contestants compete in a fast action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared black powder ammunition.   Courses of fire are set in a variety of patterns with 10 balloon targets. The course requires the horse and rider to stop, turn, change leads, and accelerate rapidly while shooting at the targets.  Scoring is based on elapsed time plus penalties for each target missed or barrel knocked over.  An average course of fire normally takes a contestant between 10-30 seconds to complete.  The sport combines skills as a horseman and marksman pitting both against the clock.  This is a very exciting sport to participate in and to watch.
Double L Bar Shooters holds premier mounted shooting events at the Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, NC and the Bob Martin Agricultural Center in Williamston, NC as well as other smaller venues.  These events are superior shows for the Mid-Atlantic Region.  There are usually 4 large shows each year and 3-4 smaller shows as well as many practices at the training center in Franklinton NC.  We are promoting these events to competitors across the nation and will promote the events locally to draw a large crowd of spectators.

Mounted Shooting is not just for competitors.  Double L Bar has broadened the horizons of mounted shooting for competitors, spectators, and community.  Dave has a special place in his heart for community, kids, and those with special needs.  His unique twist, similar to rodeo style events, makes the shows a great spectator sport to entertain a crowd of all ages.  The energetic announcing, upbeat music, thrill of mounted shooting, and special entertainment acts between stages keep the crowd on the edge of their seats.  They host first class shows offering a variety of entertainment, awards, and showcase events for mounted shooters. The venues are typically top class facilities including indoor coliseums with heat and air condition, enclosed permanent stalls, covered warm up arenas, and vendors to cater to shooters and spectators.  Complimentary food, entertainment, added cash and prizes are provided to attract competitors.  Main events have a Saturday night showcase, buckles, prizes, and added money.  The needs and desires of shooters is top priority assuring a positive experience and good time for all.  Double L Bar understands this is a hobby for most shooters who are just looking for fun entertainment and a break from reality.  This entertainment can lead to benefit other organizations for no additional expense from competitors. 

The mounted shooting events are filled with family friendly entertainment for a crowd of spectators. Competitions and demonstrations grew in popularity and built a reputation around eastern North Carolina.  Double L Bar is proud to partner with charitable organizations for fundraising.  Wounded Warriors Project, Special Olympics, therapeutic riding centers, and equine rescue leagues have benefited from Double L Bar events.  The club has successfully raised over $15,000 for multiple organizations.  Cowboy mounted shooting can be a great benefit to competitors, spectators, and the community.  Their goal is to build a positive reputation for cowboys, cowgirls, horses, guns and good ole’ fashioned fun for all.  If you have not been to a Double L Bar shoot, add it to your list this year as it is an event you will be proud to attend.   





No live ammunition  is allowed at a shoot and no (lead bullets) or bird shot is ever used?  The cartridges fired are 45LC loaded with black powder only. The brass car­tridge is loaded with black powder and the shell is crimped. This load will break a balloon up to about 20 feet. At each event we have a safety area to load and empty the guns just before they enter and after they leave the arena.
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