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Annie Oakley Days 10/6/2012

July 21, 2012 Hunt Horse Complex

Double L Bar Shooters of North Carolina
Invites you to become part of the fastest growing equine sport in the USA. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is fun for the whole family.
Great sport to participate and exciting to watch.

Just you, your horse and your skill against the clock!

Well another year has come and gone. It has been a really good one for Double L Bar Shooters. We again want to thank everyone in the club and their families and friends for all their hard work, effort and support in 2012. We also want to thank all those who participated in our events from other clubs for their support. We could not have done it without you. We look forward to a bigger & better year in 2013 with four more events at the Hunt Horse Complex, clinics & benefit shoots and demonstrations. We have been told we are the fastest growing club in the USA and it is all because of your help and participation that we have achieved all we have.
Thanks to our sponsors for their continued efforts to help us make Double L Bar shooters one of the premier clubs in CMSA

Dave & Mike

Our membership has kept growing throughout 2012. We receive many emails & phone calls asking where to see an event or someone wanting to get started in mounted shooting. We welcome all and promise to do our best to continue build our club and the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting without compromise to quality, safety and fun. This is a sport for the whole family to enjoy, have fun and maybe live a little cowboy fantasy. We applaud the accomplishments of all our members and friends. Remember everyone starts as a level one shooter, so you will never find anything but support for your efforts with us.

 For information please call or email
Dave Lohrey 919-671-7699 Mike Lubell 919-327-1355

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Double L bar Shooters third annual awards dinner was held at the Franklinton Saddle Club January 19, 2012.
This year we gave away Justin Boot and gear bags to our high point class winners and exclusive to DLB Gist Buckles for the Overall Men's and Ladies winners. We honored those members who don't always shoot but support our efforts at every shoot and event with embroidered logo jackets in appreciation for their efforts to continually make our club one of the best in the country. Our Wranglers received gift bags with logo'd sweatshirts and other items.
Every shooting member of the club received a logo'd beverage container.

What the heck is cowboy mounted shooting?

If you have a passion for horses and love to have fun, then cowboy mounted shooting is the real deal. Visit one of our practices and you'll find members on a horse, riding, shooting at balloon targets, dressed in 1880s clothing bringing to mind memories of Roy and Gene riding hard and shooting at the bad guys. You'll find this is the original Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA). One of the fastest growing equine sports in the country. That's right "Cowboy Mounted Shooting! Preserving the cowboy way. There's some­thing special about that.

If you've been looking for something to do that is fun and challenging and can involve your whole family, then you should attend one of our Cowboy mounted shoot­ing practices. We will work with you and your horse to ensure a safe and fun environment. We'll even offer our guns, holsters and horses until yours are ready. The real difference between Cowboy Mounted Shooting and other organizations - your com­petitors become great friends and family. There are no judges, only a safety Range Master. Just you, your horse, balloons and the clock. You'll find the riders cheering each other on offering advice and equipment if needed.

No live ammunition  is allowed at a shoot and no (lead bullets) or bird shot is ever used?  The cartridges fired are 45LC loaded with black powder only. The brass car­tridge is loaded with black powder and the shell is crimped. This load will break a balloon up to about 20 feet. At each event we have a safety area to load and empty the guns just before they enter and after they leave the arena.

 Join CMSA & Double L Bar Shooters

Riders do not carry loaded guns outside of the arena or when not competing. CMSA only uses approved blanks tested for consistency and range.

There are 60+ possible patterns to ride and they are picked at random just before the match. A competition may consist of 3 to 6 pat­terns a day. Each pattern consists of 10 bal­loons. To give you an idea of riding a pattern, there are 5 white balloons and 5 red balloons. The 5 white balloons may be grouped together in one place or spread out over the entire arena. The rider shoots all 5 white balloons first. Then, the rider holsters the first gun while riding to the far end of the arena, draws the second gun, and shoots the 5 red balloons, which are usually 5 in a row straight towards the finish line. This is called " the Rundown".

There are skill from beginner (level 1) to expert (level 6), a Men & Women and Senior Divisions. There is also a Wrangler Class for those 12 and under. All riders start at "Level 1". When a rider wins Class 1 three times, they advance to Class 2, and when they win Class two four times, they advance to Class 3. Four wins at Class 3 and on to Class 4, etc. There is also a prize for the best score overall where age or gender does not matter. Mom competes against Dad who competes against the kids.

 Do the kids ride and shoot? Yes... and no. The riders in the Wrangler class ride the same pattern that the grown-ups do, but they shoot cap pistols or point fingers, en­gaging each target as if they were shooting. They then shoot .45's with blanks at balloons, from the ground while standing stationary with mom or dad at their side.

How about scoring? The riders are scored on time and accuracy. There is a 5 second penalty for each missed balloon, dropping a gun, a 10 second pen­alty for not running the course correctly and a 60 second penalty for falling off your horse. Speed is important, but accuracy  and consistency is usually more important than speed. A typical pattern can be run in 15-35 seconds,
so pen­alties can really hurt.

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